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Lenovo Thinkpad T410

Lenovo Thinkpad T410 Notebook
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Last year, millions of purchasers flocked to netbooks, the stripped-down equipments viewed as low-priced options to laptop computer computers. if you actually have been amid the netbook converts, many mins using the Lenovo ThinkPad T410 laptop computer may make you backslide.

Like countless of Lenovo's business-focused ThinkPad laptops, the T410 is practically nothing special to begin looking at. Don't be fooled from the matte-black commercial shell that evokes the ThinkPad's IBM lineage.

Under the hood, the ,350 T410 is cigarette smoking fast. It utilizes Intel's (INTC) new primary i5 dual-core chips, which boast a clock pace of 2.53GHz as well as a chipset layout that removes pace bottlenecks. The laptop computer took about half the time to obtain photos, music, and movement image as my six-month-old Sony (SNE) laptop, which attributes a comparable chip clock speed.

To preserve computing work humming along, Intel's processors adjust clock pace up or down, depending near to the job getting handled. Lenovo also made in power-management computer software that it says boosts battery existence 25% much more than earlier generations, as an amazing offer as 10 hours. The timing assumes you're utilizing the laptop computer generally for term processing; otherwise, anticipate about 4 several hours of battery life.


Lenovo's T410 also rises toward the challengelargely posed by Macintosh maker Apple (AAPL)of producing computing easier. For one, it attributes the microsof company (MSFT) glass windows 7 operating system, a great advancement much more than its extensively derided predecessor, glass windows Vista.

Then there's a handy product identified since the Lenovo entry connections utility, which scans for wireless entry factors after which exhibits a map that is zoned by relative signal strength. It also tells you once the relationship is definitely an available as well as a protected system also it lets you change the individual computer amid competing wireless choices, which include Wi-Fi, WiMax, and 3G wireless broadband.

The relationship product will turn out to be each of the additional essential after this year, when WiMax gets additional extensively offered within your U.S., and in coming years, as mobile-phone provider companies Verizon Wireless and AT&T (T) introduce LTE 4G, a additional state-of-the-art edition of cellular broadband.


I examined the T410's WiMax prowess in an amazingly espresso store in Las Vegas, a village in which WiMax is available. I found out it typically a joy to usealthough the WiMax relationship do squirrel away out occasionally. internet site obtain speeds have been on par with what you'd get from the property or home cable television set or DSL connection, and movement image viewing was crisp, many thanks in element to Lenovo's choice to consist of the standalone Nvidia (NVDA) pictures chip that dietary supplements Intel's integrated pictures at occasions of heavy movement image demand.

The T410 also packs an amazing offer of connectivity options into its 7-lb. chassis. customers can connect as an amazing offer as 4 USB devices, which include just one that could recharge gadgets even once the laptop computer is off. There's also a VGA output for essential movement image display; a displayport/HDMI combo connector for additional high-quality video; an ExpressCard slot for connecting peripheral gadgets for example cellular broadband credit scores cards and television set tuners; an e-Sata port for connecting an exterior difficult drive; as well as a multimedia memory space storage space card reader. The high-quality WXGA 14.1-inch display consists of an LED power-saving backlight; a touch-screen upgrade option is offered for just about any price. There's also lots of trial-ware for the particular buyer, which include Norton internet protection and microsof company Office.

Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Review

Lenovo Thinkpad X201 Review
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We weren't in a placement to acquire our arms concerning the upcoming edition concerning the Lenovo ThinkPad X201 (called the X201s) which has the brand new ultra-low-voltage main i7 processor. However, as these work at extremely slow clock speeds, we think most males and females should be happier using the X201's main i5 520M. It scored an great 90 basic within our benchmarks and amazingly also lasted practically 6 several hours within our light-use battery test.

We're large fans of Lenovo's design, which hasn't genuinely transformed a great offer within of the last 10 years. The lid consists of a rubberised complete and consists of a lip concerning the best borders that overlaps the bevelled borders concerning the case, so it fits snugly when closed. There's even merely a tiny gentle made in to the lip that illuminates the keyboard.

Another stand-out element of ThinkPads is their great keyboard, as well as the X201 is no exception. The keys are comfortably shaped and possess a light, crisp actions that provides lots of feedback. Our only gripe could be the placement concerning the purpose important in the direction of the left concerning the look after key. as well getting merely a tiny touchpad, there's a touch stick. the two are responsive, although the touch stick's buttons consider up space that could are already employed for just about any bigger touchpad.

Like really a few organization laptops, the X201 consists of a 12.1in, 16:10 element ratio screen, instead of the extra standard 16:9 found out on customer laptops. The 1,280x800 resolution may nicely provide you with an additional 10 percent of vertical space, but you lose out on horizontal resolution. The matt complete helps reduce reflections from overhead lights, however it dulls colours somewhat. Colours experienced been accurate, though, and contrast was good, using a great offer better vertical viewing angles than really a few laptops we've observed recently.

Lenovo has opted to not consist of an HDMI output - there's only analogue VGA. It's also among the handful of laptops we've observed recently that nonetheless consists of a modem, presumably for people that nonetheless holiday to nations that don't have widespread broadband connections. A full-sized ExpressCard/54 slot lets you include a range of peripherals or additional ports.

With Hyper-Threading, the dual-core i5 520M processor appears as 4 cores in Windows, and Turbo increase overclocks the processor concerning the fly to raise single-threaded applications, which factors out the decent rating of 113 within our image-editing test. This puts the X201 on par using the standard desktop PC, and signifies it will work most functions easily.

There's no dedicated pictures chip however, so it's not ideal for games. The integrated pictures are just effective enough to decode complete HD content, although the display can only show 720p composed content pixel-for-pixel. if you actually need to keep track of the odd movie, the inside speakers are surprisingly obvious and loud although, as you'd expect, they lack bass.

While the organization skills won't appeal in the direction of the standard consumer, the ThinkPad X201 could be the speediest laptop computer here, with decent battery life, a relaxing keyboard and great create quality. We only wished it experienced an optical generate as well as a a great offer better ensure (it has just one twelve weeks of return-to-base cover). if you actually aren't considering movement image games and but want a cell laptop computer with great app performance, the ThinkPad X201 is genuinely a good option and wins an Ultimate award.

Lenovo ThinkPad T500 584D748

Lenovo ThinkPad T500 584D748 Notebook From Lenovo
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The fresh new ThinkPad T500 584D748 notebook coming from Lenovo carries on surprise almost everyone using its amazing style, superior effectiveness along with incredible mobility. Since Lenovo introduced release of ThinkPad T500 584D748 we have been completely looking forward to this particular instant and now it is there, lastly we can easily put our hands on cutting edge Lenovo ThinkPad notebook. I'm confident that almost everyone definitely will enjoy this notebook as it is very good in every aspect. It is rather interesting to have this technology since Lenovo invested lots of new technologies on this particular notebook.

The notebook does not weigh a lot when compared to various other notebooks in its class, we can easily state it's quite light-weight. Along with extended hours of energy life, you will be able to work with this notebook as you want the whole day.

We can declare this exact notebook which we are reviewing is a nominee for best 2010 notebooks. Whilst it has possible competitors, ThinkPad T500 584D748 nevertheless shocks everyone with its elegant pattern as well as everything else.

Heat management within the Lenovo ThinkPad T500 584D748 seemed to be considerably below regular while under stress. The machine fan, whilst busy under a number of circumstances, appeared to circulate a lesser amount of air than required to keep the notebook cool under serious demands.

I would not point out the higher pixel density (the actual amount of pixels for each inch of screen) makes it especially hard to work with, it provides an ideal resolution available for this kind of measurement of screen. It is a step above similarly charged notebooks. Moreover improved is the caliber of the actual display itself. Good details in movies and photos usually are produced out exceptionally well, a fact additional increased because of the sharpness of this resolution with a somewhat tiny screen and the great blacks. Horizontal watching angles are truly relatively bad by standard standards, although they're a lot more than built for by the superb colour creation and contrast generated.

The cpu used on Lenovo ThinkPad T500 584D748 notebook is among the finest among recent processors. Considering the modern top of the line technology used on this processor you may run multi-tasks very easily, obviously with the massive help of RAM that supplies torque to this monster notebook. The graphics processor applied to this particular notebook permits you to run more like lighter games -I mean it might not manage the newest games- without having problems. Audio speakers come with T500 584D748 notebook tend to be rather cheap, nonetheless these are nice for just a notebook.

The touchpad normally is responsive suffering from little or no lag. The touchpad is a glossy one having some help for multitouch gestures. They've got shallow feedback and also require reasonable force to activate and that is really much more comfortable. The touch pad buttons are easy to push while using side of your thumb and result in a tiny click while pushed. The keys of Lenovo ThinkPad T500 584D748 notebook is known as an island-style version, the keys feel totally great on the tips of your fingers. In person I don't like island-style keyboards, however I need to confess they appear fairly sleek. If you'd prefer the appear and feel of the island-style keyboards, you'll be satisfied while using ThinkPad T500 584D748.

Gursel Batmaz writes material about numerous stuff, like Lenovo. For details regarding to articles of Gursel Batmaz have a look at this Lenovo site. LAPTOP Magazine gives you a walk through of the design, features, and battery life of Lenovo's new business notebook, the Lenovo ThinkPad X220. Which can get a super crazy battery life with over 20 hours when combined with a split and 9 cell battery, WOW!
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Lenovo Thinkpad X200 Reviews

Lenovo Thinkpad X200 Reviews
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We experienced been only a tiny astonished when Lenovo announced an X sequence laptop computer using a 12.1in. wide-aspect display; subsequent all, the similarly sized ThinkPad X300 won greater than relatively a few hearts and minds when it experienced been released earlier this year. however the brand new ThinkPad X200 does nicely round out Lenovo's ThinkPad family. It's slightly more compact and appreciably much less high-priced compared to 13.3in. ThinkPad X300, also it provides additional hard-drive space (albeit, even although in the kind of the spinning, not solid-state, drive). additional importantly, its new Centrino a few of factors provide an amazing offer better efficacy than other ultraportables, as well as (with the 9-cell battery) the longest battery existence we've observed to date.

What the ThinkPad X200 doesn't provide — a built-in optical drive, a touch pad — will certainly be considered a obvious deal-breaker for some users.

And you'll should hold some additional extra body fat to acquire a complete day's worth of battery life. However, the Lenovo ThinkPad X200 helps make perception for frequent travellers who want an ultraportable that's the two long-lived and effective adequate for just about any complete day's run in the assortment of applications.

Even from throughout the room, there's no mistaking the X200's heritage: its rectangular dark circumstance (wrapped near to some magnesium chassis) is all ThinkPad. By virtue of its new wide-aspect display, it features a slightly bigger footprint than its predecessor, the ThinkPad X61s. In fact, the X200 now appears like a miniature edition using the 13.3in. X300. although the X200's extra body fat starts at 1.36kg, our ThinkPad X200 evaluation system tipped the scales at 1.68kg with its 9-cell battery. We think the additional extra body fat is worth it (read on using the last results of our battery benchmarks) but acknowledge that some street warriors may favor the sub-1kg extra body fat using the Toshiba Portégé R500.

With the ThinkPad X200, Lenovo provides a wide-aspect ratio to its most transportable system. The 12.1in. wide-screen show features a sharp 1,280 by 800 native resolution that's additional common on 14.1in. as well as 15.4in. displays. The resulting word and icons are most most likely about as tiny when you can choose at ease daily use. supplied the ThinkPad's business focus, we appreciate the matte display finish, which avoids reflections in brightly lit business office environments.

Another advantage to steering broad using the ThinkPad X200 could possibly be the reality that there's lots of space using the keyboard. Whereas Lenovo's earlier ultraportable, the standard-aspect ThinkPad X61s, experienced (of necessity) a slightly compact keyboard, the ThinkPad X200's wider circumstance can accommodate identical keyboard employed on Lenovo's 14- and 15in.ThinkPads. The variation in dimension is noticeable; inside the X200 we certainly not felt like we experienced been typing on an ultraportable system.

Navigation, however, is nevertheless a touch limited. With its last few of ThinkPad models, Lenovo has attempted to accommodate the two fans using the red-colored TrackPoint pointing stick and individuals who favor a touchpad by which consists of the two options. The ThinkPad X200, however, features only the TrackPoint and three computer mouse buttons (the center functions like a scroll button); touchpad fans, of which there are many, will really feel left out.

Above the keyboard are essential quantity controls also to the relatively beneficial blue ThinkVantage button, which launches a suite of method maintenance, energy management, connectivity also to other utilities. every one of another traditional ThinkPad touches are here, which consists of the nifty keyboard lighting tucked under the lip using the lid collectively with a fingerprint reader under the keyboard for swiftly logging in to glass windows collectively with a company network.

As using the ThinkPad X61s, the ThinkPad X200's slender circumstance does not have space for just about any built-in optical drive. This could possibly be considered a deal-breaker for some, but we like getting the choice of paring reducing our method in the direction of the bare essentials for travel; consumers who depend on optical advertising can be an amazing offer better away buying Lenovo's UltraBase dock, which consists of a digital video disc burner, or opting using the ThinkPad X300, which incorporates the two an optical generate collectively with a bigger screen.

Otherwise, the ThinkPad X200 provides the essential ports and connections a home based business traveller will need, as well as one additional USB port than common also to the choice for built-in WWAN and GPS. There's also a 1.3-megapixel Webcam above the display.

Our ThinkPad X200 evaluation system is built on Intel's brand-new Centrino a few of platform, using a 2.4GHz Intel key a few of Duo P8600 processor and integrated Intel GMA X4500 HD graphics. the brand new CPU offers the ThinkPad X200 an advantage greater compared to low-voltage, lower-speed processors that energy other ultraportables. On our benchmarks, the ThinkPad X200 outperformed the Toshiba Portégé R500 also to the Apple MacBook Air, also it showed notable gains greater compared to ThinkPad X300. The ThinkPad X200 also simply outpaced several netbooks, which consists of the admittedly much less high-priced MSI Wind U100, producing it a much an amazing offer better choice for cellular specialists whose run extends previous internet surfing and sustaining up with email.

One using the essential promises with Intel's new P-series processors is extended battery life, also to the ThinkPad X200 delivers. Its 9-cell battery lasted an astonishing 6 several hours 23 mins on our film playback drain test, which could possibly be the longest battery existence we've observed to date. It even bested more compact systems, for example the Asus Eee PC 901 also to the Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium. Anecdotally, we obtained about 6 several hours of battery existence by method of the ThinkPad X200 even although simultaneously working on documents, surfing the internet and wirelessly streaming music.

The preloaded suite of ThinkVantage functions allows consumers troubleshoot problems, and Lenovo's help internet website consists of the anticipated troubleshooting topics, driver downloads and operator guides.

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Lenovo ThinkPad NUD39TX

ThinkPad NUD39TX Laptop From Lenovo
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Even though there are actually potential equals, ThinkPad NUD39TX nevertheless amazes everyone with its attractive pattern and everything else. I could truthfully say this particular laptop which we have been looking at may be a nominee for best 2010 laptops. Together with extended hours of power life, it will be possible to make use of this laptop as you may want the whole day. The laptop does not weigh much in comparison with different laptops in its category, we can express it is rather light in weight.

The new ThinkPad NUD39TX laptop by Lenovo persists to impress almost everyone using its perfect style and design, enhanced efficiency in addition to awesome transportability. Since Lenovo launched ThinkPad NUD39TX people had been waiting for this particular second and now it's there, lastly we are able to put our hands on innovative Lenovo ThinkPad laptop.

It's very exciting to obtain this product considering Lenovo used a great deal of new systems on this laptop. I'm convinced that every person is going to like this laptop since it is awesome in every aspect.

The touchpad typically is responsive with not much delay. The touch pad is certainly a slick one having some support for multitouch actions. They also have shallow feedback and also require small pressing to trigger which is basically more at ease. The touch pad buttons are uncomplicated to press using the side of your thumb and emit a little click while pushed. The keyboard set of Lenovo ThinkPad NUD39TX laptop is an chiclet-style version, the keys feel totally sturdy on the tips of the fingers. Personally I do not like chiclet-style keyboards, yet I have to say that they look quite luxurious. If you like the feel and look of the chiclet-style keyboards, you'll be amazed with the ThinkPad NUD39TX.

The processor placed on Lenovo ThinkPad NUD39TX laptop is among the finest among cutting edge cpus. Considering the modern new engineering used on this specific processor you'll be able to perform multi-tasks quite simply, needless to say together with the massive help of RAM which supplies torque to this monster laptop. Speakers utilized on NUD39TX laptop are considerably poor, however these are recommendable for a laptop. The graphics cpu used on this laptop will let you work more like lighter video games -I mean it might not work with the latest video games- without difficulties.

We wouldn't point out the increased pixel density (the actual number of pixels for every centimeter of display screen) causes it to become in particular troublesome to use, it's got an amazing resolution intended for this dimensions of display. It is a notch above equally priced laptops. Actually far better is the quality of the actual screen alone. Good details in films and photographs usually are produced out exceptionally, a truth further enhanced because of the sharpness of the resolution with a somewhat minor display screen as well as the great blacks. Horizontally watching perspectives are actually somewhat poor by usual standards, yet they're a lot more than made for by the great color creation and also contrast created.

The device cooling fan, although working under a number of situations, appeared to flow a lesser amount of air than required to maintain the laptop cool under serious needs. Heat performance within the Lenovo ThinkPad NUD39TX seemed to be to some extent below regular while under load.

Author of this content, Gursel Batmaz works at a Kombi related firm as content creator. To discover more regarding to Kombi check-out the pages.

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Lenovo ThinkPad X201 12.1 Inch Tablet

Lenovo ThinkPad X201 12.1 Inch Tablet
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Lenovo is the recognized company that owns the top-notch laptops & desktop computers including Lenovo ThinkCentre Desktops, Lenovo ThinkPad Tablets & Laptops, Lenovo ThinkStation workstations, Lenovo THinkServer servers, IdeaCentre Desktops, IdeaPas consumer-oriented laptops, Lenovo 3000 series Desktops, Lenovo 3000 C/N /V series Laptops, LCD & CRT monitors and ThinkVision projectors & monitors.

It is the brand that beats the market of IMM Personal Computing Division and merged as the world's fastest growing PC manufacturing company. Lenovo is the world's largest brand providing the biometric-enabled PCs with the total sales of the 1 million PCs having organization of fingerprint reader. Recently, Lenovo has returned to the Fortune Global 500 with huge revenue collection and excellent growth. Fortune Magazine annually compiles and publishes this list.

Company makes you available with the wide collection of the Lenovo Tablets, Laptops and Desktop PCs.

The Lenovo ThinkPad X300 has been honored with the crown of ‘Best Laptop Ever' by Business Week Magazine. Lenovo ThinkPad X201 12 is one among the highly-efficient, which especially designed for the business class people who use to travel a lot or need to manage their work while staying away from their work place.

This Lenovo Tablet PC is one among them that comes with resourceful and advanced software like 32nm Core i7-640LM dual core CPU clocked in at 2.13GHZ, Intel Core i7 processor, Window 7 or Window XP operating system, hard drive storage of up to 500GB or SSD storage, Intel 6200 802.11AGN, Bluetooth Wireless, 12.1" Multi touch LED WXGA (1280x800) panel with Wide Viewing Angle screen, Intel GMA HD Integrated Graphics, 94Wh 9-cell, 65W 20V AC adapter and many more.

However, the Lenovo ThinkPad X201 12 has got relatively smaller but looks like the X-series notebook with a boxy alloy chassis, rubberized paint and same keyboard dimension.

Lenovo ThinkPad X201 12.1 prices proves to be a worthy deal in terms of offered technical sophistications, performance and quality. On internet you can get the updated information of the Lenovo ThinkPad X201 12 price and also find about Lenovo IdeaPad K1 price. If you are browsing for such a reliable and informative source, then you simply need to logon On this shopping and web portal you will get available with the extensive and exclusive collection of the various other products, compare the features and price of the products and enable to gain the advantages of the best online deals with discounts.

Vinnit Alex is an eminent author who provides concrete information about computing devices like computers and computer accessories, only after using them and examining them thoroughly Dell tablet, Lenovo Tablet and Acer Tablet are some of the devices he specializes in.

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Lenovo ThinkPad Series SL500 2746-3SU Review

A Review About Lenovo ThinkPad Series SL500 2746-3SU
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Since Lenovo announced ThinkPad SL500 2746-3SU we all had been waiting for this instant and it is now there, at last we could place our own hands on completely new Lenovo ThinkPad notebook. The new ThinkPad SL500 2746-3SU notebook from Lenovo continues to impress everyone having a good design and style, advanced overall performance and also impressive portability. I'm confident that every person can love this notebook as it is great in most aspect. It is very fascinating to obtain this particular product given that Lenovo invested loads of new systems on this notebook.

The notebook doesn't weigh very much when compared to additional notebooks in its class, we are able to declare it's fairly light. With long hours of energy life, it will be possible to make use of this notebook as you may like the whole day. Regardless that there are potential equals, ThinkPad SL500 2746-3SU even so amazes us with its elegant design and everything else.

I could truthfully declare this exact notebook which we're analysing is definitely a nominee for the best 2010 notebooks.

The touchpad on average is responsive accompanied by almost no delay. The touch pad is definitely a smooth one together with some assist for multitouch actions. They have got shallow feedback and also require reasonable pressing to trigger and that is really more leisurely. The touchpad buttons are convenient to click when using the side of your thumb and emit a tiny click while pressed. The keyboard set of Lenovo ThinkPad SL500 2746-3SU notebook is actually an island-style variant, the keys feel very strong for the tips of the fingers. In person I do not love island-style keyboards, however I need to say that they appear fairly brilliant. If you'd prefer the look and feel of the chiclet-style keyboards, you will be pleased when using the ThinkPad SL500 2746-3SU.

The graphics processor utilized on this particular notebook allows you to work more like lighter video games -I imply it may not manage the latest video games- without issues. Speakers attached to SL500 2746-3SU notebook are slightly not too strong, however these are ideal for just a notebook. The cpu used on Lenovo ThinkPad SL500 2746-3SU notebook is probably the greatest one of innovative processors. Aided by the latest top of the line technology utilized on this specific cpu you're able to perform multi-tasks quite simply, needless to say with the huge support of RAM that offers torque to this monster notebook.

I won't express the increased pixel density (the actual number of pixels for every millimeter of screen) causes it to become notably problematic to use, it offers an amazing resolution available for this particular size of display screen. That's a step-above equally charged notebooks. Moreover much better is the caliber of the actual screen itself. Great details within movies and images usually are brought out perfectly, a truth even more improved because of the sharpness of the resolution with a comparatively modest screen as well as the heavy blacks. Horizontal viewing perspectives are truly instead poor by average standards, but they're a lot more than composed with regard to by the perfect color manufacturing and also contrast generated.

The system fan, whilst working under many conditions, appeared to flow fewer air than required to maintain the notebook cool under intense needs. Heat management in the Lenovo ThinkPad SL500 2746-3SU seemed to be slightly under average while under load.

Creator of this content, Gursel Batmaz works for a Notebook related firm as article author. To learn more regarding to Notebook check-out the webpages.

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Lenovo ThinkPad Password Reset Solutions

Four Most Common Password Reset Solutions for Lenovo ThinkPad
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Lenovo ThinkPad Laptop password reset or recovery solution varies depending on which password you have forgotten. The hassle of Windows password reset process will range from simple inconvenience to total valuable data loss. For this, we have collected the most used Lenovo Computer password lost troubles and satisfactory solutions for you.

Types of passwords for Lenovo ThinkPad Laptop

There are four kinds of passwords we will talk about Lenovo ThinkPad computer and the password reset solutions:

1> Windows logon Password (Administrator, Domain and User account)
2> Supervisor Password
3> Hard Disk Password (Master and User)
4> Power-On Password

1>Windows logon Password for Lenovo ThinkPad

Windows logon password for Lenovo ThinkPad is used to keep personal information private and we are always create some administrator or user accounts on Windows 7/Vista/XP PC and also domain admin or AD accounts on Windows Server 2000/2003(R2)/2008(R2). It will be a big besetment when you lost or misplaced the passwords of those accounts. However, with some easily password recovery ways, it is possible to re-access your Windows system with no damage of the data.

Reset Lenovo ThinkPad Password with Password Reset Disk

If you are a cautious user, then you should have created a password reset disk for your Lenovo ThinkPad. So you just need to insert the password reset disk to reset Lenovo ThinkPad password directly.

Reset Lenovo ThinkPad Password with Available Windows Administrator Account

If you can log on as an administrator for your Lenovo ThinkPad with a right password, then you can reset any other passwords of your lost or forgotten Windows logon accounts directly.

Reset Lenovo ThinkPad Password with Windows Password Recovery Program

If you have not created a password reset disk previously, or cannot log on as an administrator with a right password, and for this situation, like me, you still have option to reset lost password for Lenovo ThinkPad PC with third-party software. Windows Password Unlocker is such a powerful Windows password recovery tool which enables resetting windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 2003 and 2008 password as blank with 4 easy steps:

1. Download and install Windows Password Unlocker from its official site with an available PC

2. Burn a bootable CD/DV or USB flash drive

3. Reboot your locked Windows computer from CD/DV or USB flash drive

4. Reset lost or forgotten Windows password for Lenovo ThinkPad with easy

Reinstall Windows OS

Reinstall Windows operating system for your Lenovo ThinkPad will be the last choose if you can reset Lenovo ThinkPad password successfully with those workable solutions that have mentioned above.

2> Supervisor Password for Lenovo ThinkPad

A Supervisor password protects the system infor stored in the BIOS. The user must input the Supervisor password in order to get access to the ThinkPad BIOS Setup Utility in order to alter the system configuration. If the Supervisor password is lost there is no way to recover it to enter the BIOS configuration.

Reset Forgotten Supervisor Password

A forgotten Supervisor password will prevent access to the ThinkPad BIOS setup utility. To get access, you need reset the BIOS password with some solutions like locate the jumpers or solder beads, or just contact the computer manufacturer or motherboard manufacturer for resetting forgotten Supervisor password.

3> Hard Disk Password for ThinkPad ThinkPad

There are two Hard drive passwords: a user Hard drive password for the user and a master Hard drive password for the system administrator. The administrator can use the master password to get access to the hard drive even if a user has changed the user Hard drive password.

Reset Forgotten Hard Drive Password

If the user's Hard drive password has been forgotten, check whether a master Hard drive password has been set. If it has, it can be used for access to the hard drive. If no master Hard drive password is available, or if the administrator forgets the master Hard drive password, then the hard drive must be replaced. For this instance you just need ask help from your computer manufacturer to reset forgotten HDD password.

4> Power-On Password for Lenovo ThinkPad

An Lenovo ThinkPad Power-on password protects the system from being powered on by an unauthorized person. When it has been set, a prompt will appear during the system start up, and the Power-on password must be entered before an operating system can be booted.

Reset Forgotten Power-on Password

If the Power-on password is forgotten and the Supervisor password is known, simply go into the ThinkPad BIOS setup utility and reset the Power-on password, otherwise try the following:

1.Power off the Lenovo ThinkPad computer

2.Remove the battery pack

3.Remove the backup battery

4. Please power on the computer and wait till the POST ends. If the password prompt does not appear then the Power-on password has been reset.

5.Reinstall the backup battery and the battery pack.
Note: Some ThinkPad systems have the ability to reset the Power-on passwords in the ThinkPad BIOS setup utility if a Supervisor password has been set.




Are you still worried about your forgotten Lenovo ThinkPad password? Here are the ways on how to reset forgotten password on Lenovo ThinkPad with ease.



A walkthrough of the Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds dual screen mobile workstation notebook. Learn more about the ThinkPad W700 here: