Friday, December 26, 2008

Lenovo ThinkPad X301

ThinkPad® X Series is ideal for users who need an ultra portable notebook but refuse to sacrifice durability or performance. X Series notebooks can be equipped with Genuine Windows Vista®, the latest dual-core processors and Wireless WAN capability.

ThinkPad® X301 is refreshment of the industry-acclaimed ThinkPad X300 notebook with Intel’s new platform and latest technologies. The ThinkPad X301 notebook provides on average nearly 20 percent better performance over the ThinkPad X300 notebook due to the latest DDR3 memory and the latest Intel® Core 2 Duo ultra low volt processor.

The Lenovo® ThinkPad® X301 is designed for highly mobile and discerning professionals who appreciate the latest in technology and design.

The X301 is the thinnest and lightest 13.3” wide notebook PC from Lenovo with the latest ultra low volt processors from Intel® — making it the ultimate in mobility, performance and energy efficiency.

With the ThinkPad X301, users no longer have to compromise between innovative technology and portability.

The ThinkPad X301 offers:
13.3” wide form factor
Intel® Core™2 Duo processor technology
Solid State Drives
Integrated WWAN, WiMAX1, WLAN, UltraWide Band (UWB)2
Next Generation ThinkPad Roll Cage
Integrated camera and optional ultra-thin DVD burner
Close to 10 hours of battery life3
All packaging materials are 90% recyclable by weight
ENERGY STAR 4.0 qualified
EPEAT™ Gold-rated ThinkPad

If you think productivity is important where you need extremely mobile and reliable computing systems. The X301 is the thinnest and notebook Lenovo offers. With the 13.3” wide screen, you get the portability of a 12” screen combined with the visual comfort of a 14” screen. Also, with a battery life close to 10 hours3 you’ll have plenty of time to get your work done.

If you think the technology is the key, the X301 comes with the latest technology and innovative connectivity options including WiMAX1 and UWB2. With small form factor Intel® Core™2 Duo processor technology, the X301 offers outstanding performance and a fully featured platform in a small form factor.

If you think reliability is critical, with ThinkVantage® Technologies like Rescue and Recovery™, Access Connections™, ImageUltra™ Builder and System Update Manager, the X300 provides the reliability you have come to depend on from a ThinkPad.

The X301 touts extended battery life — up to 10 hours3 of battery life (with extended battery and bay battery) — that enables all-day computing for highly mobile users. Users can also enjoy individualized battery control via the BatteryStretch feature on Power Manager.

Core Technology
Rock-solid engineering enables the X301 to showcase the latest integrated core technology, such as small form factor Intel® Core™ 2 Duo technology which enables outstanding ultra low volt CPU performance and graphics support.

Features include:
Small form factor Intel® Core™2 Duo technology - 1.4GHz speed, 3MB L2 cache, 800MHz FSB
Mobile Intel® GMA 4500MHD video graphics
Up to 4GB PC3-8500 DDR3 1066MHz

Thoughtful Design
The ThinkPad X301 has some thoughtful, yet extremely stylish and beneficial, design features:
Rubber paint on palm rest and top and bottom cover for comfort
New matte texture finish on keyboard provides tactile feel and lasts 3-4 times longer than regular paint
Illuminated buttons for improved usability

The ThinkPad X301 features integrated Certified Wireless USB over UltraWide Band. UWB allows greater throughput with higher bandwidth than Bluetooth as well as the ability to get rid of your cables on your desk. The X301 offers simultaneous support of WLAN, WWAN, and UWB2.

For the road warriors, the ThinkPad X301 offers support for WWAN and is one of the first notebook PCs in the market to support WiMAX1. WiMAX offers a significantly longer range compared to Wi-Fi and faster rates when compared to 3G.

Industry-leading security guarantees that information that is meant to be private stays private. The ThinkPad X301 offers an integrated Fingerprint Reader, 32-byte pre-boot password authentication and the option to disable all input and output ports at the BIOS level.

Battery Life
When you’re on the go, your notebook is only as good as the battery life. The X301 offers close to 10 hours3 of battery life (with extended battery and bay battery) to get you through your regular work day or an inter-continental flight.
Battery Options include the following:
ThinkPad X301 Series 3-cell LiPolymer Battery
ThinkPad X301 Series 6-cell Li-Ion Battery
ThinkPad X301 Series 3-cell LiPolymer Battery plus 3-cell LiPolymer Option Bay
ThinkPad X301 Series 6-cell Li-Ion Battery plus 3-cell LiPolymer Option Bay

The X301 offers a n enhanced port replicator (shown to the right) that attaches via USB — unlike any other ThinkPad docking solution It features a VGA connector for dual video modes (clone or extended desktop) and support for resolutions up to 1280 x 1024. There are 5 USB 2.0 ports (one in front, four in rear), an Audio In/Out port, optional Ethernet dongle (included; attaches via USB), and a 5V power supply.

ThinkVantage Technologies
The ThinkPad X301 includes legendary ThinkPad reliability with ThinkVantage Technologies including:
Rescue and Recovery: One touch recovery from external viruses and software crashes
Access Connections: Offers simplified connectivity in both wireless and wired environments while also enabling customized end user profile management.
Client Security System: Provides cost-effective, higher level security with hardware- and software-based technology that lets you "lock" your data

Energy Efficiency
The ThinkPad X301 is EPEAT Gold qualified with environmentally conscious and user-centric design features such as dual-core ultra low voltage processors, energy efficient SSD drives, mercury-free LED displays and improved BatteryStretch utility for energy savings. All packaging materials for the X301 are 90% recyclable by weight, and the use of toxic materials such as cadmium, lead and arsenic has been reduced. In addition, the X301 meets stringent ENERGY STAR 4.0 criteria.

Next Generation ThinkPad Roll Cage
Special materials and design methods were used to make the X301 extremely strong yet extremely light. The bottom cover and the keyboard bezel are made of magnesium to give the motherboard strong protection against flex and shocks. The LCD cover is mainly made out of Advanced Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP), but in order to provide superior wireless performance, the side walls are made of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GFRP). The LCD cover structure is similar to Formula 1 racecars and leading commercial planes like the new Airbus A380 and Boeing 7E7.

Solid State Drives

The ThinkPad X301 features up to 128GB SSD which provides multiple benefits over hard disk drives. Some of these benefits include:
Faster boot time and faster application launch time
Lower power usage and less heat production
Longer lifetime (no moving parts, less wear and tear)
Quieter operation

LED Backlight Panels
The ThinkPad X301 is built with LED backlight panels that are WXGA+ with 1440 x 900 pixels providing several benefits over regular panels such as:
Lower power consumption
Longer life

Ultra-thin DVD Burner
The ThinkPad X301 features the industry-leading 7mm DVD burner. Customers can choose to have a system without the DVD burner. Thanks to the rigorous testing for both stiffness and strength, the drive has some unique features to separate it from current offerings including:
New aluminum metal top cover
Reduced eject distance with larger stoppers
New side shims

The ThinkPad X301 provides an excellent voice and video communication experience for any traveler or home user who wants to stay connected through the Internet. The integrated camera and digital microphone give you a superior VoIP experience and the improved stereo speakers and audio codecs provide clear and loud volume — up to 12 dB louder than the ThinkPad X61.

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