Monday, December 22, 2008

The new Thinkpad W500

Designed to be the high-end workstations for mobile computing the new W500 is the next evolution of the T61p, the powerful ThinkPad mobile workstation.

The ThinkPad W500 represents Lenovo’s new mobile workstation. The ThinkPad W500 offers superior Open GL graphics, large amounts of memory and hard drive capacity, and carries many ISV certifications. The ThinkPad W500 is designed for professional users running advanced graphics and computer-intensive applications.

Features and Benefits of ThinkPad W500
§Intel® Centrino® 2 with vProTM technology up to 2.8 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB, and a 6 MB cache
§Up to 320 GB 5400 RPM HDD (2.5”)
§200 GB 7200 RPM FDE HDD (2.5”)
§64 GB SSD (1.8”)
§ATI Mobility Fire GL V5700 with 512 MB video memory
§WWAN Ready models with improved performance; WiMAX1 models
§Microsoft® Windows VistaTM Business and VistaTM Ultimate available
§Windows Vista 32 bit software
§EPEAT rated Silver
§Tested and certified on key workstation ISV applications for CAD, Digital Content Creation, Engineering Design Automation, and Oil & Gas users

When High-end Graphics Performance is a Must
The ThinkPad W500 notebook features discrete industry leading Open GL graphics which provide exceptional image quality. The W500 also includes the next generation DisplayPort display interface giving external displays brilliant image quality and high-speed performance. The W500 also includes high-resolution, premium WUXGA panels for an improved viewing experience.
When Confidence in Industry Specific Applications is Required
Mobile workstation users rely extensively on the industry-specific software applications they use to maintain productivity. ThinkPad W500 users can be confident that key ISVs have fully tested and certified their applications to be compatible with the W500 and the user .will have application support from the ISV regardless of their working location.
When On-the-Go Productivity is Essential
Mobile workstation users can’t afford to be unproductive on the road, that’s why all the new W500 notebook comes available with improved WWAN and LAN solutions. In addition, where available, Intel WiMAX1 technology allows users to connect to the internet virtually anywhere and delivers speeds to support access to data and graphic intensive applications.

Solid State Drive
The new ThinkPad T Series and W500 notebooks feature an optional 64 MB solid state drive (SSD). Solid state drives contain no moving parts and are usually a more robust alternative to a standard drive. With no moving parts, SSDs virtually eliminate the risk of mechanical failure. They are silent and deliver faster data transfer rates and boot-up times. In addition, SSDs consume less battery power and lighter than a standard mobile hard drive.

Switchable Graphics
For exceptional graphics performance, the new T Series notebooks support ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3470 on the T400 and ATI Mobility Radeon 3650 on T500 systems, 256 MB. This new graphics platform allows users to manually switch between discrete and integrated graphics to help maximize battery life. Users working on 3D graphics applications can enjoy up to an extra hour of battery life on a T Series notebook equipped with switchable graphics technology.

Wireless Performance
The T Series and W500 provides industry leading wireless performance with support for WWAN with GPS, WLAN, WiMAX1, UWB6, BT on a single system. Also, cost effective WWAN enabled systems will be available for new T400, T500 and W500 Series notebooks. Intel® WiMAX1 technology takes Wi-Fi to the next level by allowing users to connect to the internet virtually anywhere without being restricted to Wi-Fi hotspot locations. In addition, enjoy a 10% - 25% improvement in throughput on the new Intel WLAN as compared to previous generations.

Environmentally Friendly
Lenovo has designed the new T Series notebook to be greener than ever with GREENGUARD certification, in addition to, featuring EPEAT Gold2 and ENERGY STAR 4.0 models. The new T Series notebook also consumes 25% less power3 thanks in part to the use of mercury-free LED-backlit displays, SSD hard drives, and low power 25 watt Intel processors.

ThinkVantage Technologies
The T Series and W500 boasts a comprehensive suite of manageability tools including Rescue & Recovery and ImageUltra, amongst other ThinkVantage Technologies. The newly updated Access Connections offers a redesigned, simplified user interface with basic and advanced views to support all user skill levels. Access Connections has also been updated for easier connectivity and device management. Pair and manage phones, headsets, etc more easily than ever!
To assist users in the getting the most out of their system, Lenovo offers the Ultimate Preload in T Series systems. Designed to deliver a more user-centric out-of-box experience, the Ultimate Preload allows users to select or unselect preload elements to customize their systems.

DDR3 Memory - The ThinkPad T500 features fast, 1067 MHz DDR3 memory to maximize performance while minimizing battery life and keeping the PC cool and quiet.
Open GL Graphics - The ThinkPad W500 boasts OpenGL (Graphics Library) with up to 512 MB of dedicated video memory for graphics-intensive applications

ISV Certifications - Lenovo is affiliated with leading Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to fully test and certify their applications offering confidence that business critical applications
are compatible with the W500. Key ISVs include; Autodesk, Dassault Systems, ETC, UGS, Landmark and Avid.
Manageability - ThinkPad T500 features centralized ThinkVantage manageability tools that are built-in standard. Power Manager and Access Connections have been improved to enhance the user experience.
Security - For added layers of security, the ThinkPad T500 includes BIOS port disable capability, Utimaco SafeGuard Easy, and Password Manager.

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